class baseclasses.FluidProperties(**kwargs)[source]

This class is the parent of pyAero_problem and defines the basic flow properties to be passed to the solver. It also has a method to update the dynamic viscosity through the Sutherland’s law based on flow temperature and other optional user inputs.

gammafloat (default = 1.4)

Set the ratio of the specific heats.

Prfloat (default = 0.72)

Set the Prandtl number.

Rfloat (default = 287.055 J / kg / K)

The specific gas constant. By default we use air.

SSuthDimfloat (default = 110.55)

The Sutherland temperature for Sutherland’s Law.

muSuthDimfloat (default = 1.716e-5)

The viscosity at the reference temperature for Sutherland’s Law. If you want to directly specify a viscosity for your fluid (e.g., running a case in water), a hack to achieve this is to set muSuthDim to the desired viscosity and T to TSuthDim. By doing so, mu will be equal to muSuthDim.

TSuthDimfloat (default = 273.15)

The reference temperature for Sutherland’s Law.


Compute the dynamic viscosity using Sutherland’s Law