Source code for baseclasses.testing.decorators

import functools
import unittest
from importlib.util import find_spec

[docs]def require_mpi(func): """A decorator to skip tests unless ``mpi4py`` is available Examples -------- .. code-block:: python @require_mpi def test_mpi4py(self): print(self.comm.rank) """ return base_require(func, "mpi4py")
def base_require(func, moduleName, message=None): """ This is a generic function that can be used to generate decorators that test an import, and skips a test based on whether the library was found. Parameters ---------- func : callable The function that the decorator is applied to. This is the required argument for a decorator and is passed in automatically moduleName : str The module to test import for message : str The message for skipTest. The default is "<module> is not installed." Returns ------- callable The function to be executed via the decorator. Either the original function, or if the module was not found, SkipTest is raised and the test function is skipped. Raises ------ unittest.SkipTest If module is not found """ # we check if the module can be found module = find_spec(moduleName) # if not found if module is None: if message is None: message = f"{moduleName} is not installed." # this is the alternative function which gets executed # by the decorator, which just raises skiptest @functools.wraps(func) def skip_wrapper(*args, **kwargs): raise unittest.SkipTest(message) return skip_wrapper # module found, we just return the function and proceed normally else: return func